Tissue Growth Model



    This simulation models the simple Tissue Growth process as originally described by Maruyama ("The Second Cybernetics," American Scientist 1963). It has been developed using the AgentSheets simulation software. This software helps in the development of simulations using an Agent-based architecture.

     The AgentSheets software allows us to create Agents and code their behavior using a simple language called Visual AgenTalk®. This allows people with no prior programming experience to create simulations for their various models or problems. This has been known to be used by everybody from high school students to scientists.

    The simulation is to show the growth of tissues from two cells. The two cells multiply from both the ends according to a specified set of rules. The simulation is in the form of a Java Applet. All AgentSheets simulations can be converted into Java Applets, which can be published on the web and people from all over the world can then have access to these applets and work on these simulations.

    A brief description of the applet environment and the worksheet is given here.






       A number of sample initial configurations for the model have been put up here.  

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