Tissue Growth Model - Guide



Tool Box

 The AgentSheets simulation environment consists of a worksheet which contains all the agents required to run the simulation. There is a toolbox which gives a few functions such as creating a new agent and drawing it on the worksheet and moving the agents around in the worksheet.

    The Tool Box is shown on the right. The tools which will be used in this simulation are the Arrow pointer and the Pencil Marker(The first two icons). The Arrow pointer can be used to select a particular agent on a worksheet and then drag it around to different positions on the worksheet. The Pencil marker on the other hand is the tool used to create new agents on the worksheet. This is done by first selecting an agent from the Gallery(shown to the right) and then clicking on a certain position on the worksheet. The selected Agent is then drawn at that particular location.

    The worksheet has a number of command buttons to help you control the execution of the simulation. The Green Play icon is used to start the simulation. There is also a progress bar which allows you to control the speed of the simulation.





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